Thursday, May 3, 2007

Anger and The Cause

I began thinking about this issue while reading the comments on this TreeHugger article and as a result of a conversation I had many months ago with some colleagues. That conversation didn't turn out well because of an idea that the others had that environmentalism is an all or nothing project. If you are participating in anything that is at all trendy, you are not a 'true convert'. Which means, of course, that one ignores two crucial things that effect change: 1) trends and 2) reversing the original problem. For instance, if everyone changes there habits a little, it's more effective than angry old Environmentalist radicalizing his life (i.e. not buying an iPod).

While I see the humor in this issue, it's because I'm a newer convert to the game and because I came from a fundamentalist Christian background (brief stint in high school). And the tactics that are used in the environmental lobby are no different, I've just removed my rose-coloured glasses and can be frustrated now.

So, folks, let's shift the dialogue from what is done wrong, to who does things right, or who makes a change for the better.


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