Wednesday, May 16, 2007

...Pursued by a Bear

I've decided to write a separate academic blog for various reasons, not least of which is a desire to record my overall thoughts on books that I find interesting and, hopefully, encourage others to contribute their reactions as well.

I have an MA exam coming up at the end of August and about 100 odd items on the list to read so that will be my posts this summer. After that (and perhaps during if -- ha, IF!! -- there is time), I also want to branch out and include my other academic interests (if we can classify an exam as an academic "interest"): Anglo-Saxon, Medieval in general, Early Modern and Postcolonial and the interactions of all of the above with each other.

Hopefully, as I continue this project, I'll both broaden and narrow my academic interests as well!

So, check it out: ...Pursued by a Bear.

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