Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Refashioning Fashion

Wardrobe Refashion has some great stuff today! Here's my favorite project from it, though:
It's stylish and the silk is rich and varied. I've seen tie-skirts before (and there's a tie apron on the same page), but they always looked rather hippy-trendy thus you couldn't be original in making one. But something like this!!! My new project.

Speaking of new projects, here's my old one, which I'll return to at the end of the semester when I can actually plan it and figure out how to felt wool sweaters and so forth. Sun Moon Quilts has a wonderful idea, but the execution is a bit poor. If you notice, lots of jagged lines, no attempt to make long strips or at least tasteful breaks, boring sewing and so forth. So I thought I'd do the same thing (making quilts, after all, is something that my Granny Matt loved to do -- in fact, she and Aunt Nettie made all of the quilts I have) only with more attention to order and also stitching. Crazy quilt stitching (and here's a link with excellent tutorials & examples) in silk ribbon would really enhance the cashmere/wool element in the quilt and be more fun to make. Course I'm not planning to make money at it so time doesn't really matter. BTW, I think wool skirts are a good way to fill in the material as sweaters are harder to come by.

The only other project, I have thus far I need to think through. It's one that may send me to make a little money on Etsy as it would sell well if it wasn't too time consuming.

I would never have given up sewing in high school if I'd known there were things to do beyond make dowdy pieces of clothing. Actually, though, my mother made these wondeful stuffed animals and kids clothes until that one Easter...

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