Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blog Changes

As promised, one of the ways I procrastinate, is tootling about on my blog. Three neat changes.

The first change I made was adding a "Google Reader" blurb -- I read a lot of blogs and often say, 'this is cool, but I haven't time to blog on it,' or, 'I'd love to make semester,' or, 'that's a delicious recipe!'. Often, you too might be interested in reading the article or looking at the pretty picture or making some neat craft. The Google Reader box will let you know what I've starred as interesting and you can read along, too. Maybe one day they'll let me add a quick comment to it as well. The second change is minor: I added a Feedburner to make it easier to subscribe to this site. I personally love Google Reader as it keeps all my blogs in one place and if Google is going to take over the world, I might as well help them out.

The last change is to add a few more favorite places to my blogroll. These are sites that regularly produce interesting content. I've added:

  • "Dad's Videos" -- this is a link to my dad's Metacafe page, where he posts interesting videos. His latest is a clip of the second top rated Rubix cube solver doing the Rubix cube with one hand. My favorite video, though, is George the Woodguy showing how to make a chess board. It's under 2 minutes and offers one of those lightbulb moments of clarity. 
  • "FatFree Vegan Kitchen" -- Recently discovered this site that posts delicious recipes. We recently made Tofu Cacciatore over Spaghetti Squash. As a child, I once had spaghetti squash -- it was a bad enough experience for me to avoid it for the next 20 years. But it's really wonderful (and locally grown - we bought ours at the Farmer's Market Saturday): sweet, but also subtle and it's delicious with pasta sauce. So, look there for new combinations, surprising vegetables and in general recipes you have to make. (And won't notice that they're vegan. I promise.)
  • "Foodshed Planet" -- Two reasons I love this blog. First, the name "foodshed" is a brilliant riff of the concept of a watershed. Along with "ethicurian," I think it's my favorite new word of the year. Second, the blogger is from Atlanta and it's wonderful to imagine someone in that crazy, car-driven, anti-environmental morass of a city who not only cares, but actively works to make a difference -- around the world and in the city. And it's just neat to hear someone talk about Oakland Cemetery and other old haunts.
  • "Sew, Mama, Sew!" -- This is the prime example of how a business should run a blog. The business is a fabric store and the blog offers monthly (right now daily) projects to sew. They are always trendy, varied and pretty simple to whip up. When I have time to sew, this is the first place I'm going. And they also have a weekly contest to win a free yard of fabric -- I won once and the fabric was beautiful. Can't wait to do something with it. 
So, go check out those neat places and I'm going to go proofread my article review & cut about 300 words or just decide that my 200 words about what Mittman should have added to his article should stay. Nothing like end of the semester paper rambles, eh? (PS: I've had quite enough of proofreading, so hope there are no errors in this post -- if there are, be kind!)

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Pattie said...

Thanks for the mention! And best of luck at finishing out the semester. And I love that Sew Mama Sew blog. I sent it to my mom, who makes me all those eco-bags.