Monday, November 12, 2007

Chelsea's Tea Timer

We just upgraded to Leopard which is wonderful. You can take Apple's tour just to see how wonderful it is. My favorite additions are added functionality to Preview (the free PDF viewer/creator) that lets you annotate and highlight easily, the dock additions (which you can see in the photo below) and how it helps erase clutter. But, alas, one program didn't make the switch...

I recently was pointed to this wonderful product called TeaTimer, but it is pre-Intel switch so it was a bit slow and clunky. But it had a timer that would go off in Big Ben Chimes when your tea was done, or you time to grade had expired or so forth. So I regretted its demise. But Nate told me he could write me a new program with his new Java programming skills. And he did! Here's a screenshot of the program and the picture of Big Ben that flashes up (with chimes, which I can't really reproduce in pictorial form!) when my timer's finished.

Isn't it neat?! The picture is of Nate, Finch & me since he couldn't find one that had Abby in it too. You probably can't see Finch b/c it's soon after we got him and he's tiiiny!

In other blog news, you may have noticed that the previous post index has changed. It's now a Tag Cloud courtesy of Phydeaux and with some semi-complicated html fixing (which was very clearly explained) I have a new way to index topics. Hope you enjoy! (And if you can't see it, feel free to tell me, along with what browser you're using and I'll try to fix it when I have time.)

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