Friday, June 1, 2007


I've been busy reading lately so haven't had much time to write. This evening, while taking a break from the delightful Emma, I stumbled across a few wonderful websites and thought I'd share their products.

First, ReproDepot, a site that replicates vintage fabrics, buttons and so forth. I'm tempted by these two buttons: I've a shirt I just bought from Urban Outfitters (on sale -- $10) that needs something catchy. The only problem is that their s/h is $7 -- which is more than the buttons themselves -- and almost more than the shirt!

The second site, Wallies, which has a new look since I visited last week. What are they? Think stencils or wallpaper without the fuss. They peel on and peel off with ease. (At least they say they do!) I like the funky designs, particularly as the bead shop around by my house has this great doorway with painted tiles lining the jamb. I've got a big, thick doorway that would be cool painted that way, but I haven't the skill to paint complex & interesting tiles. Ergo, perhaps Wallies?! Here are some examples of what you can do with them. These are stickers! Pretty cool, eh?

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