Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spring Cleaning Part I

My bare walls have been driving me crazy and as I don't have that much art to hang, thought I'd paint. But painting drives me crazy so thought I'd paint selectively. My current project is the living room -- a looong 7ft by 25-30ft. On one end is this lovely view of the sitting area with built-in bookcase. (I've been ecstatic about this bookcase since I moved in.)

I decided to paint the back wall of the bookcase blue and match the color on the opposite wall (soon). Here's the "After" result: It looks pretty stunning. And only took about 3-4 hours and a lot of music last night. Paint info: Benjamin Moore's Costa Rica Blue (2064-50); I think they have the nicest colors -- even Pottery Barn has turned into colluters with them for catalogues!

Two final pictures. The first is a closeup of the pile of books I moved and the second a close up of the bookcase itself. I'm quite pleased with the results!

If you'd like to see more pictures, including the huge book pile, visit my Picassa Web Album, courtesy of the wonderful people at Google who know more about me than...

NB: this page looks best in Safari...I've no clue what it looks like in Internet Explorer. If you're still using that, go here!

Update: Since I'm remodeling very eco-friend-lessly, thought I'd include a link to these beautiful homes made of wood and dirt and straw. I'd seen the idea before, but as more of a temporary shelter/home than an actual living space. These make me want to paint the other wall with dirt!

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