Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama Rocks Madison

I just came back from hearing Barack Obama speak at Madison's Kohl Center (one of the three largest indoor venues in the state, seating 17K), which was packed and energetic. At times you could barely catch just what he was saying because the crowd was interjecting approval, though there were moments, too, when you could hear a pin drop as people absorbed his message. We had decent seats, but my camera only has so much of a zoom so the pictures take some looking at, but here are some for your enjoyment!

If you haven't listened to one of his speeches all the way through, I highly recommend it. One comes away with the sense that here is an articulate vision for America that Obama truly believes in and has worked to accomplish. He acknowledges the difficulties, but also the potential for this country to transform itself into a community. Much like JFK's "ask not" speech, which I know is not an original comparison. But Obama is the one who knows what we need and will get it for us -- so vote for him. And he knows how to deliver it; if you're curious, the NYTimes has a modified version of his stump speech, which we heard tonight. Changes, adaptations, etc, but in essentials the same.

And, finally, CNN quoted from his speech tonight a little in their coverage -- it's the part where they say he spoke to his "supporters." Failing to mention the 17K+ number. :-) It was definitely a friendly crowd, though the two Ron Paul supporters shared a lovely moment across the stadium when they recognized each other's signs.


remorji said...

I attended my first caucus, last week in Washington, what a feeling. I am a little paranoid when it comes to the SUPER DELEGATES

Painted Rock Pictures said...

Have no fear MIGHTY MOUSE is here! Seriously, I wouldn't worry too much about the Supers...I don't believe they'd reverse the popular will. If they do it'll splinter the Democratic party.

Some Supers, like John Lewis of Georgia, are already starting to come around. Obama is the best chance we've had of bringing meaningful change to Washington in a generation or more...let's not blow it!