Thursday, February 14, 2008


So after much trial and tribulation, namely ripping out about 20 times in the same place before just undoing to a better breaking place and starting again, I have finished the knitting portion of my soon to be hat! Now I have to figure out how to block and finish it and luckily I have good books that will help me out because the book I used isn't all that helpful on said subject. My last post on this knitting project is My First Square so look there for the background; I haven't put up in-progress pix because quite frankly I didn't find it too interesting. I do have them over on Flickr, though.

The Project is entitled "Dude Where's My Hat?" and is from Yarn Girls Beyond the Basics and fairly easy. For a first time knit, the only trouble I had was realizing that there's an additional purled row which isn't really mentioned in a few places. I also didn't like the yarn they used, I experimented with three different brands and found myself liking the others. Theirs was a bit bulky in places, but the only times I messed up was with that yarn; probably my inexperience, but it was frustrating!

Here's a picture of the hat, just needing to have side seams sewn together!

I'll post a picture when I actually wear it.


Ems said...

Hey Lady! Have you tried knitting hats in the round? Yours looks great.

Chelsea said...

Hey yourself! My next project is a sweater in the round and I suspect once I see how fun it is, that will be my standard way to knit. It seems silly in retrospect to need to sew a hat that is after all circular.