Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm Back!

It's been awhile since I've blogged so here's what I'm up to.

School-wise, I finished my second year in graduate school and am one year away from taking preliminary exams, which will qualify me for working on the dissertation. I've started studying for those exams this summer, working not too much, but making steady progress and hopefully getting good work done. I'm also working on learning a few languages: need to boost my French listening comprehension so I can take a French class this fall and am going to learn how to read German. Also planning to work on a paper to take to conferences next year.

Wedding-wise, Nate and I set a date! July 5 in Rockland Maine. We're getting married at the Vesper's Children's Chapel in Rockport, Maine and hosting a reception at the Limerock Inn that evening. I just bought a dress (well, technically I bought two dresses as I can't try it on first so bought two sizes) that I hope works and if it does, I'll post a picture. We're still working out catering, officiant, and other random details and even when you just invite your immediate family (total: under 20 guests!), planning a wedding is stressful. I see why people elope. Seriously.

Family-wise, my brother and his wife just had their first baby so I'm an aunt to Lark. Working on a baby blanket, which comes along so slowly. Guess that's what happens when you are knitting a 40'' by 40'' square!

Me-wise, I'm working on developing that work-life balance as always. More successful as time goes on and have continuous plans to improve. Right now, we're redecorating and cleaning the apartment. Looking for curtains, more bookshelves, a new desk for me (the one I have now is not conducive to working at b/c it's too high) and some comfy reading chairs. I'm looking at the Arts and Crafts style, but am limited because we can't pull furniture up our stairs easily. I'm still knitting and starting to do other craft projects, like stuff from Alabama Chanin and refashioning. Look for info on those if they work out, too!

And, of course, I'm still reading and thinking about the major events of the day and hoping to blog about them more frequently. So, now that I've put last semester away, look for me here regularly!

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amo said...

I pray that you and Nate will have a lifetime full of joy together!